60+ Beginner, Intermediate, expert level React Project Ideas

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Here’s a list of 60+ beginner and intermediate level React project ideas to help you practice and enhance your skills:

🧙🏻‍♀️Beginner Level Projects

1. Counter App: Build a counter application that increments or decrements a value when buttons are clicked.

2. To-Do List App: Create a simple to-do list app with features to add, mark as done, and delete tasks.

3. Calculator: Develop a basic calculator that performs arithmetic operations on user inputs.

4. Random Quote Generator: Create an app that displays random quotes fetched from an API.

5. Weather App: Build an app that fetches weather data based on user input location.

6. Image Gallery: Design a gallery where users can view and search for images.

7. BMI Calculator: Develop a BMI calculator that calculates the Body Mass Index based on user inputs.

8. Timer/Stopwatch: Build a timer or stopwatch application with start, pause, and reset functionalities.

9. Simple Blog: Create a basic blog platform where users can read and write posts.

10. Recipe App: Develop an app that displays recipes, including ingredients and instructions.

🧙🏻‍♀️Intermediate Level Projects

11. E-Commerce Website : Build an online store with features like product listings, cart, and checkout.

12. Chat Application : Create a real-time chat app using libraries like Firebase or WebSocket.

13. Movie/TV Show Database : Develop an app that fetches and displays movie or TV show information.

14. Task Management App : Build a more advanced task management app with categories, labels, and due dates.

15. Social Media Dashboard : Design a dashboard that displays social media analytics and statistics.

16. Portfolio Website : Create a personal portfolio website to showcase your projects and skills.

17. Expense Tracker : Develop an app to track and visualize personal expenses over time.

18. Online Quiz App : Build an app that presents quizzes to users and provides scores at the end.

19. Music Player : Create a basic music player with play, pause, skip, and volume controls.

20. Job Board : Design a platform where employers can post jobs and users can apply for them.

21. Note-Taking App : Develop an app for creating and managing notes with various formatting options.

22. Weather Forecast App : Build an app that not only displays current weather but also forecasts.

23. Booking System : Create an app for booking appointments, reservations, or tickets.

24. Trello Clone : Develop a task management app similar to Trello with drag-and-drop functionality.

25. Online Markdown Editor : Design an online markdown editor with real-time preview.

26. Currency Converter : Build an app that converts currencies using real-time exchange rates.

27. Language Learning App : Create an app to help users learn new languages through quizzes or flashcards.

28. Fitness Tracking App : Develop an app for users to track their workouts and fitness progress.

29. Recipe Sharing Platform : Design a platform where users can share their favorite recipes.

30. Real Estate Listings : Build a real estate app to display property listings with filters and details.

31. Task Scheduler : Develop an app that schedules tasks at specific times or intervals.

32. Expense Sharing App : Create an app that allows users to split and track shared expenses among a group.

33. Travel Itinerary Planner : Build a platform for users to plan and organize their travel itineraries.

34. Music Streaming App : Design a music streaming app that plays songs based on user preferences.

35. Job Application Tracker : Develop an app to keep track of job applications, interviews, and offers.

36. Language Translation App : Build an app that translates text between different languages.

37. Online Marketplace : Create a platform for users to buy and sell items online.

38. Fitness Class Booking : Develop an app for users to book fitness classes at local gyms or studios.

39. Interactive Maps : Build an app that displays interactive maps with custom markers and information.

40. Polling/Voting App : Design an app for creating and participating in polls and surveys.

41. Collaborative Code Editor : Develop an online code editor that multiple users can collaborate on in real time.

42. Virtual Event Platform : Create an app for hosting virtual events, webinars, and conferences.

43. Personal Finance Dashboard : Design an app that visualizes personal finance data and trends.

44. Recipe Recommendation App : Build an app that recommends recipes based on user preferences.

45. Health Monitoring App : Develop an app for users to track their health metrics, such as steps and calories.

46. Task Automation App : Create an app that automates tasks using user-defined rules and triggers.

47. Trivia Quiz Game : Build a trivia game with various categories and difficulty levels.

48. Book Review Platform : Design a platform for users to review and rate books they’ve read.

49. Collaborative Drawing App : Develop an app that allows multiple users to draw together in real time.

50. Personal Journal App : Create a digital journaling app with rich text formatting and media support.

51. E-Learning Platform : Build a platform for hosting online courses, lectures, and quizzes.

52. Camping Trip Planner : Design an app that helps users plan and organize camping trips.

53. Home Automation Control : Develop an app to control and monitor smart home devices.

54. Language Exchange App : Create a platform where users can practice language skills with native speakers.

55. Renting Marketplace : Build an app for renting items like tools, equipment, or party supplies.

🧙🏻‍♀️ Expert Level Projects:

56. Online Marketplace: Develop a full-fledged online marketplace where users can buy and sell goods or services.

57. Collaborative Code Editor: Build a code editor that supports real-time collaboration among multiple users, similar to Google Docs.

58. Data Visualization Dashboard: Create a dashboard to visualize data from various sources like APIs, databases, or CSV files using charts and graphs.

59. Content Management System (CMS): Develop a customizable CMS for managing website content, including pages, posts, and media.

60. Multiplayer Game: Build a multiplayer game using technologies like WebSockets or WebRTC for real-time interaction among players.

61. Financial Dashboard: Create a dashboard for managing personal finances with features like budget tracking, expense analysis, and investment portfolio management.

62. Learning Management System (LMS): Develop a platform for online learning with features like course creation, student enrollment, quizzes, and progress tracking.

63. Travel Planner: Build a comprehensive travel planner application that helps users plan their trips, including itinerary creation, accommodation booking, and activity recommendations.

64. Job Board: Create a job board platform where employers can post job listings and job seekers can search and apply for jobs.

65. Blockchain Explorer: Develop a blockchain explorer tool to view and analyze transactions, blocks, and addresses on a blockchain network.

These intermediate-level project ideas can provide you with ample opportunities to explore various aspects of ReactJS, integrate APIs, work with databases, and create dynamic and engaging user experiences. Remember to challenge yourself and have fun while building these projects!

These project ideas can be tailored and expanded according to your interests and requirements. They cover a wide range of functionalities and will help you improve your React skills at different levels.

Happy Coding! 😎

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