Laravel: Artisan Commands

What is Artisan is a command-line interface (CLI)? Artisan is a command-line interface (CLI) included with the Laravel PHP framework that provides several helpful commands for speeding up development workflows. This tutorial will cover the basics of using Artisan and explain how it can help streamline the process of application development. Table of Contents Installation … Read more

Laravel – Sending Emails

Sending an Email using Laravel Another important feature of Laravel is providing clean and simple API use, which is free and rich in library features – “SwiftMailer,” which is used for sending emails. With the help of its library functions, Laravel developers find it easy to send emails without any hurdles. Developers can use blade syntax … Read more

Laravel: Database Configuration

Laravel: Database Configurations for MySQL Learn how to configure a database connection in Laravel and perform CRUD operations using Eloquent ORM or the database query builder. In this Laravel database configuration tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps of setting up a database connection in the .env file. Steps to Configure Database in Laravel Laravel uses the … Read more

Laravel: Session

Laravel: Session Introduction: Laravel sessions allow you to store data across requests in your web application. They are a simple way to persist data for the current user. This tutorial will cover the basics of working with sessions in Laravel. What is Laravel Session? In Laravel, a session is a way to store data across … Read more

Laravel: Cookies

Laravel Cookies Introduction: Laravel is a popular PHP framework that makes it easy to develop web applications quickly. One of the features of Laravel is the ability to manage cookies, which are small pieces of data stored in the user’s web browser and used to identify the user or track their activity on a website. … Read more