Basic Exercise Part-II

Basic Exercise Part-II 51. Write a Java program to find the value of specified expression. a) 101 + 0) / 3b) 3.0e-6 * 10000000.1c) true && trued) false && truee) (false && false) || (true && true)f) (false || false) && (true && true)Expected Output :(101 + 0) / 3)-> 33(3.0e-6 * 10000000.1)-> 30.0000003(true && true)-> true(false … Read more

Basic Exercises Part-I

Basic Exercises Part-I Write a Java program to print ‘Hello’ on screen and then print your name on a separate line.Expected Output :HelloGaurav Dixit Click me to see the solution Write a Java program to print the sum of two numbers.Test Data:74 + 36Expected Output :110 Click me to see the solution Write a Java … Read more

Java Exercises

Java Practice Exercises with Solution Basic Exercises Part-IBasic Exercises Part-IIData Types ExercisesConditional Statement ExercisesArrayStringDate TimeMethodsNumbersInput-Output-File-SystemCollectionMathSortingSearchRegular Expression