JavaScript Exercises for Beginner to Expert

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Here are some questions that you might find in coding exercises similar to those in the JavaScript 30 challenge:

  1. JavaScript Fundamentals:
    • Create a function that reverses a string.
    • Write a program that checks if a given number is prime.
    • Implement a function that finds the largest element in an array.
  2. DOM Manipulation:
    • Select an HTML element by its ID and change its text content.
    • Create an event listener that logs a message when a button is clicked.
    • Dynamically add a new list item to an existing unordered list.
  3. Async JavaScript:
    • Write a function that fetches data from a JSON API using the Fetch API.
    • Convert a callback-based asynchronous function to use Promises.
    • Use async/await to handle multiple asynchronous operations sequentially.
  4. ES6+ Features:
    • Rewrite a function using arrow functions.
    • Use destructuring to extract values from an object or array.
    • Convert a for loop to use the forEach method on an array.
  5. Web APIs:
    • Store user preferences in Local Storage and retrieve them.
    • Get the user’s current location using the Geolocation API.
    • Implement a simple real-time chat application using WebSockets.
  6. CSS Manipulation with JavaScript:
    • Toggle a CSS class on a button click to change its style.
    • Create a function to dynamically set the width and height of an element.
  7. Animations:
    • Build a toggle button that smoothly transitions between two states.
    • Use CSS keyframes to create a bouncing animation for an element.
  8. Responsive Design:
    • Implement a responsive navigation menu that collapses on smaller screens.
    • Use media queries to adjust the layout for different screen sizes.
  9. Coding Challenges:
    • Write a function to determine if two strings are anagrams.
    • Implement an algorithm to find the factorial of a number.
    • Solve the FizzBuzz problem using JavaScript.
  10. Building Small Projects:
    • Create a simple weather application that fetches data from a weather API.
    • Build a photo gallery with image thumbnails that open in a modal when clicked.
    • Develop a basic task manager with features like adding, editing, and deleting tasks.

Feel free to use these questions as inspiration for your own practice or explore similar exercises in courses like JavaScript 30 or other coding platforms.

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