HTML Cheat-sheet

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Read Time:3 Minute, 9 Second

HTML Cheat-sheet A to Z that help you find out specific code of specific html elements Quicker.

<a>The Anchor element
<abbr>The Abbreviation element
<address>The Contact Address element
<area>The Image Map Area element
<article>The Article Contents element
<aside>The Aside element
<audio>The Embed Audio element
<b>The Bring Attention To element (Bold)
<base>The Document Base URL element
<bdi>The Bidirectional Isolate element
<bdo>The Bidirectional Text Override element
<blockquote>The Block Quotation element
<body>The Document Body element
<br>The Line Break element
<button>The Button element
<canvas>The Graphics Canvas element
<caption>The Table Caption element
<cite>The Citation element
<code>The Inline Code element
<col>The Table Column element
<colgroup>The Table Column Group element
<data>The Data element
<datalist>The HTML Data List element
<dd>The Description Details element
<del>The Deleted Text element
<details>The Details disclosure element
<dfn>The Definition element
<dialog>The Dialog element
<div>The Content Division element
<dl>The Description List element
<dt>The Description Term element
<em>The Emphasis element
<embed>The Embed External Content element
<fieldset>The Field Set element
<figcaption>The Figure Caption element
<figure>The Figure with Optional Caption element
<footer>The Footer element
<form>The Form element
<h1>–<h6> The HTML Section Heading elements
<head>The Document Metadata (Header) element
<header>The Header element
<hgroup>The Heading Group element
<hr>The Thematic Break (Horizontal Rule) element
<html>The HTML Document / Root element
<i>The Idiomatic Text element
<iframe>The Inline Frame element
<img>The Image Embed element
<input>The Input (Form Input) element
<ins>The Inserted Text element
<kbd>The Keyboard Input element
<label>The Label element
<legend>The Field Set Legend element
<li>The List Item element
<link>The External Resource Link element
<main>The Main element
<map>The Image Map element
<mark>The Mark Text element
<menu>The Menu element
<meta>The metadata element
<meter>The HTML Meter element
<nav>The Navigation Section element
<noscript> The Noscript element
<object>The External Object element
<ol>The Ordered List element
<optgroup>The Option Group element
<option>The HTML Option element
<output>The Output element
<p>The Paragraph element
<picture>The Picture element
<pre>The Preformatted Text element
<progress>The Progress Indicator element
<q>The Inline Quotation element
<s>The Strikethrough element
<samp> The Sample Output element
<script>The Script element
<search>The generic search element
<section> The Generic Section element
<select>The HTML Select element
<small>the side comment element
<source>The Media or Image Source element
<span>The Content Span element
<strong>The Strong Importance element
<style>The Style Information element
<sub>The Subscript element
<summary>The Disclosure Summary element
<sup>The Superscript element
<table>The Table element
<tbody>The Table Body element
<td>The Table Data Cell element
<textarea>The Textarea element
<tfoot>The Table Foot element
<th>The Table Header element
<thead>The Table Head element
<time>The (Date) Time element
<title>The Document Title element
<tr>The Table Row element
<track>The Embed Text Track element
<u>The Unarticulated Annotation (Underline) element
<ul>The Unordered List element
<var>The Variable element
<video>The Video Embed element
<wbr>The Line Break Opportunity element
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